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My Creativity Coaching is geared toward the Creative Professional. 

We work together to help you grow and expand your business as well as how to deal with running your business and taking care of YOURSELF.

 Not sure its for you?

- Are you a creative professional? Think Designer, Coder, Copy Writer, Writer, Creative Director, Poet, Floral 

  Designer, Jewelry Designer, etc.

- Are you an introvert?

- Do you work from home or are often isolated?

- Do you struggle with all of the aspects of running a business- wearing all of the hats?

- When you add in the struggle to balance your professional life (running a household, chores, children, errands,   

  housework etc) does it make you want to pull your hair out?

- Do you look at other Creatives and wonder how the hell they do it?

- Do you struggle to "put yourself out there" in your business to gain new clients?

- Does the thought of doing a LIVE video or going to a networking event make you want to curl into a ball in the corner?

- Do you often put your personal needs after that of family and your business?

- Do you truly want to find inner peace, have a business that runs like a well oiled machine AND be making bank while 

  you do YOU?

Then READ ON BABE.  I'm Here for Ya!

1:1 Creativity Coaching

This Monthly Creativity Coaching Package gives you:

We focus on balance, marketing, mindset, empowerment, tapping into your creativity, knowing your true self, etc. We can focus on one or a combo. You decide what you need and away we’ll go, together, on this journey to knowing yourself and growing your business.

What you get:

• a questionnaire to fill out before our call so I can get to know you and your needs better before we start those all important calls.

• 4, 1:1 Coaching Calls, one hour each, one per week WITH homework.

1:1 Coaching: $897/month for one month, $797/month if you sign up for 3 months of more 


Group Coaching, Month Long Training

After 30 days you will:

WEEK 1: What Makes Your Business Special and How to Connect with Your Ideal Client

• Have a mission statement

• Know what sets you apart from your competition

• Know who your target audience is and where to connect with them

WEEK 2: Creativity Tapping

• Have a workbook with 30 ways to Tap into Your Creativity

• Know exactly what course of action to take when you have a block but need to create

• Know Tips and Tricks to improve  Creative Thought Process and how to use it for your personal and professional growth

WEEK 3: Energy and You

• Have a set strategy for self care and mindset that works for YOU

• Understanding Masculine and Feminine Energy and how to tap both to take you and your business to the next level

• Meditation and Connecting to the Universe 

WEEK 4: Empowerment

• Know your Worth, both personally and professionally

• Have a new Mindset to go out there and SLAY

• Have a new confidence in yourself and your offering

What you get:

• access to a private group with like minded creative professionals

• Training Videos, 3 per week

• Workbooks to keep forever and Homework to keep you accountable

• Weekly LIVE Q&A where you can ask me anything pertaining to that week's focus

• Live Recap and Group Session to leave you knowledgable, empowered, secure in yourself and your offering and ready to rule the world

To see what Group Coaching Sessions are currently open for registration click here.

Group Coaching, 30 Day Training: $297


I also offer custom packages based on where you, want you need and where you want to be. Just contact me to discuss and I’ll be happy to set up a package just for you.