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Don't Want What Someone Else Has.

Posted by Jennafer Conley on April 4, 2019 at 9:00 AM

You've got a vision for your business, right?  You know what you have to offer and you know who wants it.  

When it comes to branding and choosing how to portray your business to the world, visuals are helpful.  As a designer and brand strategist, I often ask my clients to do image searches for images that convey the feeling they want to convey.  Sometimes I ask for images, sometimes logos.  I do this because as a visual person, it's helpful.  I also want keywords from my clients about their business and how they want it portrayed.  Rustic, Elegant, Modern, Clean, etc.  these words are super helpful.  However, sometimes, "Rustic" to you may mean more shabby chic that it does to me. Getting those visuals helps me to nail it.  I always ask them to search logos that are NOT their competition.  If you're opening a salon, don't look for inspiration by googling "salon logos".  Instead, try searching for the word "logo" and your descriptor, like "rustic logo" or "elegant logo".  

You know why?  Are you ready for a giant pet peeve and just an all around general no-no?  You may find something that you like.  Or love.  And you want it.  Guess what?  You can't have it!  It belongs to someone else.  They already have it.  It's their logo.  I can't tell you how many times people come to me with a logo they've taken from a Google image search and say "I want this but in pink with my business name".  Step back.  Walk away.  Do you really honestly want what someone else already has?  A second rate copy?  I won't do it.  I've turned down scads of work because I won't do it.  It's not fair to the original owner, the original designer, it's not fair to you and it's not fair to me!  And guess whattttt- Its illegal.  It belongs to someone else.  They own it.

When you hire a designer, rely on their expertise.  We know what we're talking about people!  We went to school for it.  We've studied color theory and balance and art history.  We've taken typography courses and we know what kerning means.  We know how to convert Pantone to CMYK and how to be sure images are quality for print.  Rely on us.  It's what we do.  We can take your vision and make it into something uniquely you.  You deserve that.  Isn't that why you hired us?  Not to rip off someone else.  

You can want a leaf in your logo and other people will have it and that's ok.  The challenge for a designer is to create something that perfectly blends your vision, while staying true to our craft.  You hired a professional because you want to be seen as a professional, right?  Trust me.  If you have a designer that is happy taking a logo someone else created and recreating it for you in a different color or whatever, they aren't a professional.  And it could come back one day to bite them, and you, in the ass.  So sit back, do your research using your descriptive words and hand it off to a professional designer.  Logos and branding are a process.  I promise that if you choose to work with me, you'll have and end result we both love and can be proud of.

Stick around for more rants and rules of thumb when it comes to design.



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