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Why not Canva, Fiverr or a cheap "designer"?

Posted by Jennafer Conley on October 15, 2019 at 1:35 PM

I see posts all of the time on facebook, instagram, etc asking for branding help.

I see other professionals such as myself responding with their online portfolio links, cheap "designers" quoting logo rates of $25 to $100, people telling them to outsource to fiverr and others telling them to DIY in Canva.

I usually don't respond to these as there are several hundred comments and its just a sea of confusion.  But I'm writing this blog post so that when I see these moving forward, I'l drop a link to this post.  And they can choose to educate themselves or not.  If you really want to know the whys and why nots, read on.

Here's the thing.  I'm not here to trash every option but my own.  Everything has a place- albeit a small niche in my personal and professional opinion.  Here's the truth. 

Fiverr: If you're going on Fiverr to create your logo, here's what you get.  You'll get a logo.  A logo based on what you asked for.  Probably not one that can be used across all platforms, enlarged to go on a billboard without being pixelated, etc. Now I'm not saying that you shouldn't have a say so in your logo and brand.  But when you go to Fiverr, you're getting a logo (that most likely has purchased and/or recycled elements) that doesn't take into account: color psychology, font theory, YOUR ideal client/target audience, your competition and exactly what you want to CONVEY.  Just because you love butterflies doesn't necessarily mean it's the best thing for your visual brand (but it could be based on the above).  A brand expert can not only tell you that, but they can tell you why.

Canva:  If you're creating your logo yourself in Canva, or worse, paying a "professional" to do it for you, you're using parts and pieces that are available to anyone.  Even if you're paying for access to certain things, other people can pay for access to them as well.  So you're getting a logo that is not created just of you and your brand, and again, it doesn't take into account: color psychology, font theory, YOUR ideal client/target audience, your competition and exactly what you want to CONVEY.

Designers that charge $25-$100:  Oh there's some shitty work out there folks.  There are so many so called designers out there that are using pieces they've purchased or gotten for free online to create your logo.  Or, perhaps they are creating a logo for you with a two sentence tagline, a LOT of glitter, several elements and basically everything but the kitchen sink.  Or, your logo looks like every one else's.  A big trend right now is metallic, squares or hexagons, watercolor and script fonts (and ones that you can't really READ!).  Which is fine and dandy.  But, say someone is on your website and then looking at your competition to decide who to go with. They look around and want come back to you because of your delicious copy or your magical service/product but hm.  They can't seem to remember which one you were...  because you look just like everyone else.  And bam.  You lose a sale.  Several.  Many, many. Think of all the big brands out there.  Target, Google, AT&T, Kate Spade, are a few that come to mind.  Their logos are clear, clean, simple, easy to recognize and remember.  And they don't all look the same.

I can't speak for every person that calls themselves a brand expert.  I can only speak for myself.  When you work with me, you start with a brand questionnaire.  We go over colors, fonts, other brands, etc.  We talk about what you like and don't and then I'll guide you and explain why those will serve you well or not.  We'll set up an ideal client avatar as we go over your target audience and we'll discuss what and why will be attractive to them.  We'll discuss your personality and how you'll infuse it with your brand- both overall and visually.  

I totally understand wanting to pay the least amount possible or trying to DIY.  Everything has its place. If you want to truly separate yourself from your competition, have a clear strong brand, set a professional tone of TRUST, appeal to your ideal clients/customers and get a brand created just for you from scratch, hire a brand expert.  They'll give you files in: EPS, PNG, JPEG, and PDF.  They'll talk to you about the importance of vector.  They'll give you color and black and white versions and they'll be sure you have a stand alone icon or something you can use in the square world of social media.They'll charge at least $500 per logo and at least $2000 for creating your overall brand.  And word to the wise- if you want the best of both, hire a brand expert to build your logo, a brand sheet with your colors, fonts, target audience, brand "feel", etc. as well as a few Canva templates.  This way, you'll get the bells and whistles and a strong, clear brand and you can take the ball and run with it.

If you want someone to create exactly what you want in your mind- then you'll probably be ok with Fiverr or Canva. But you're not a professional that went to school to understand that psychology of design and its not what you do for a living (I've personally got over 15 years experience in the field). If you've read this and you still think a logo is just a logo and you don't see what the big deal is, by all means, proceed as you fit.  Just know that you aren't taking your business to the level it can achieve when a brand is built the correct way.  Just like there are people that don't see the value in a realtor and want to sell their homes themselves.  And people who think life coaches are full of shit and a scam.  And people that don't think your service or product is "worth it".  That's ok.  They aren't your ideal client.  And if you feel this way, you aren't mine.


Jennafer Conley

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