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New Year, New Goals

Posted by Jennafer Conley on February 22, 2016 at 1:35 PM

Welcome to OhCreativeOne, LLC's first blog post!  :)

I've had my own graphic design business for over 5 years now.  I decided to get with the times in 2016 and begin a blog.  As a designer, I feel I need to do a design blog and discuss kerning and balance and write cliched lines such as "opening the kimono".  As a designer of invitations, I thought maybe I should post party ideas and party decor.  In my research on blog writing, it seems I need a niche in order to be successful.  But guess what?  I'm a woman with many layers and thoughts and feeling and interests.  I am an entrepreneur but I'm more than that.  I bet you're more than one thing too.  So why not celebrate our many sides and interests.  I'm a wife and a daughter.  I'm not a mom though it seems many think that at my age, I should be.  (Or at the very least, made up my mind on the subject.  But I haven't).  So if you like crafting, parties, DIY, small home makeovers, plus size fashion, coffee, wine, music, make up and hair products, design, color, pattern, healthier recipes (and maybe some not so healthy recipes), and numerous other things that I can't think at the moment, then join me.  Come on this new journey in 2016.  I'll write on many subjects.  You may not always find something that interests you but I guarantee it won't get stagnant or boring.  Why?  Because its not about a specific niche or thing.  It's about ME.  And I'm multi-faceted and ready for a year of adventure.  So without further adieu, here's my first post:

It's February 2016, heading into March.  At this time last year, I decided it was time to stop waiting on my life to change and make it happen.  We'd been disussing moving for a few years but it's such a undertaking going into the unknown and letting the chips fall where they may.  I started researching and going onto Pinterest reading tips on home staging and asked my agent, Libby Wampole of Remax, to come by and give me her advice on getting our house ready.  For the next 5 months, I slowly working on the house.  I began by packing things I wanted to keep by didn't need accessible and taking them to my mom's to be stored in her attic (and, God bless her, all throughout her entire home).  Then I got my uncle's help to clean up the yard (cutting tree limbs, trimming, adding a new planter box, cleaning out the gutters, etc).  My husband has grown better every year with taking on more responsibility but he HATES yard work.  I also hired a painter to re-do most all of the house and we had new carpet installed downstairs.  I had some plumbing work done.  And lots of little things (adding a spout to our gutter, restaining parts of the ktichen cabinets, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning).  

Finally, I put the finishing touches on.  I got a big yellow planter for the side porch, put new flowers in the front in our new planter box, staged some lovely items and put the house on the market a Saturday AM.  We got a call for a showing Sunday (way earlier than we expected), 2 on Monday and one on Tuesday.  The first family that saw our home on Sunday as well as one of the showings from Monday put in an offer!  We ended up getting well over asking and I really think my hard work and effort to get the house as ready as I could to show paid off.  I'll try to see if I can find some before and after shots!

We couldn't find a home before we closed.  There just wasn't anything in our area in our price reange that wasn't A. teeny tiny or B. needed a shit ton of work.  We both get along really great with our own mom's and each others.  So we moved in my our own moms as each mom had the space for one of us but not both.  There are other factors that helped to make this decision but they are none of your business.  Ha!  Anywho, we ended up spending 4 months apart until we closed on our new home.  It was fun in that I got to spend extra time with my mom (who's also my best friend) but very difficult as well for reasons you can imagine.  So we closed on January 8th and now, at the end of February, we're completely at home in our new home (save for a few pictures we haven't decided where to put). 

Some days I look around and I can't believe it.  I DID THIS.  I made it happen.  I set my sights on a goal and I completely changed my life.  I keep saying "I" because its true.  My husband is helpful but I'm the one that usually pushes forward, plans, makes lists and then (because I'm a control freak) also handles the details.  So in 2016, I've decided that I want to:

Redecorate my home office

Take better care of myself (eating better, moving more)

Present myself better (trying new outfits, hair, makeup and skin care routines and products)

Expand my business (mainly getting new clients and making new designs)

Live in the Moment

Try to be a tad more domestic by trying to eat at home more and trying new recipes

And to document my year of a better me through my new blog.

So hold of tight and let's go!  It's sure to be a fun year full of ups and downs and slip ups and hilarity.  Thanks for joining me.



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